Contact Information



Ms Ayesha Herath

Deputy Head, School of Education
International Institute of Health Sciences

B.A. in English, M. A. in English Literature, M.D.S. (Development Studies),       MAIR (International Relations) MPhil (Education), D.Phil. (International Legal Education)

Academic Profile & Working Experience:

Ayesha Herath is an Associate Professor in English Language, Literature and Human Rights who has over 20 years’ experience in the field of education having studied and taught in many Sri Lankan as well as foreign universities including Monash University, University of Melbourne, Australia, University of Liverpool, UK and the University of British Colombia, Vancouver, Canada.

She is still attached as an Associate Professor to the University of Visual and Performing Arts, Colombo. She has been a program consultant to TV Derana as well as Selacine Television Institute, Colombo. She has been involved in a number of volunteer projects to uplift the lives of people in post-war areas such as Kilinochchi and Mullaithiv.

Being a novelist, she is a member of the Association of Sri Lanka English Writers Corporative.


She has an array of publications behind her and has published many papers in the prestigious Oxford Journals.

Academic Writing:

A Critical Guide to the Village by the Sea (ISBN 978-955-52130-1-1)

Critical Notes on Jane Eyre (ISBN 978-955-52130-2-8)

The Use of Group Work in Writing (Academic Dissertation)

Afghanistan: Land of Injustice and Warlords (Research Paper)

Power is at the Heart of International Relations (Research Paper)

International Legal Norms (Research Paper)

Legality of Libyan Intervention (Research Paper)


Resurrecting Mao: Insinuations from Peru and Nepal (Academic Thesis)

Say ‘No’ to Domestic Violence (Research Paper)

Participation of Women’s Organizations in the Sri Lankan Ethnic Conflict Resolution (Academic Thesis)

Dynamics of Iran-Sri Lanka Relations in the Face of Alleged Human Rights Violations (Academic Paper)

In Defense of Human Rights Education in Sri Lankan Schools (Academic Paper)


‘Fires From Kili’ (ISBN 978-955-52130-0-4) a novel based on socio-political and economic changes wrought by the open economy and civil war in Sri Lanka.

‘They Go Back To Their Women’ a collection of short story

‘My Mother Is Not My Mother’ a collection of short story