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Use of the best available evidence into health practice improves the quality of healthcare. All healthcare professionals should apply research evidence into their practice to ensure the patents get the maximum benefit of care. BioInquirer annual research forum encourages students to engage in research.

Community Engagement

Community based research helps to identify the existing issues in the ground level. Finding solutions and applying relevant steps to overcome the pre-identified issues are important aspects of community projects. BioInquirer research forum facilitates students to engage and develop their skills.


Continuous professional development is a compulsory requirement in healthcare. Conferences provide health professionals a positive direction for development. BioInquirer creates a platform for healthcare professionals to active , collaborative and enhance their professional development.


Hands on skills are essential for healthcare professionals. Workshops provides intensive educational experience within a short period of time. Technical development can be achieved through workshops. BioInquirer facilitates technical development through organizing range of workshops for healthcare professionals.


International Institute of Health Sciences (IIHS) initiated  BioInquirer as an online magazine to support the knowledge hungry healthcare professionals to publish and gather knowledge about research conducted in the health care sector of Sri Lanka. This idea was established by the Academic department of IIHS with the guidance and supervision of  Dr. Kithsiri Edirisinghe who initiated the idea of a research ‘Incubator’. The Dean of IIHS has been the hidden force of BioInquirer by giving guidance to direct the magazine in the right direction.

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BioInquirer UHC

BioInquirer UHC

Ensuring that individuals have access to new knowledge that promote, prevent, are curative and rehabilitate healthcare to maintain and improve the quality of service provided.


About Publications Group

The Bioinquirer Research forum through out the years showcased exceptional quality of research publications.  Beginning in 2015 it continues to develop and has successfully surpassed five years since the formation of The Bioinquirer Journal. In line with the research forum the Journal has set a standard for abstracts submitted.

Each year being classified under a theme.

2015- “Inter-Sectoral Collaboration for Healthcare Education & Delivery”

2016- “Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations”

2017- “Universal Health Coverage; Healthcare for All”

2018- “New Dimension in Health: Creating a Sustainable Healthcare Safety Net for All”

2019- “Create and Innovate”

2020- “Transform and Collaborate”

2021- “Together, Towards sustainability”

Dr. Kithsiri Edirisinghe

Dr. Kithsiri Edirisinghe (MBBS, MSc, MD (Medical Administration), has over 26 years’ experience in the health industry and over 13 years’ experience in the education industry.

Dr. Edirisinghe has been involved as an academic in healthcare training and development for over a decade, where he p

Dr. Kithsiri Edirisinghe

CEO / Founder
Advisory Panel of IIHS Scientific Committee

Prof. Sujatha Salgado

Advisory Panel of IIHS Scientific Committee

Dr George Perera

Head of Education Faculty
President of IIHS Scientific Committee

Ms. Keerthana Muthurajan

Vice President of IIHS Scientific Committee