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Nursing, Educational Cluster, Biosciences, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Public Health, Health administration, Psycology, Languages, Health Toarism, Edu Toarism and Social Sciences.

A number of projects aiming to develop Nursing, Educational Cluster, Biosciences, physiotherapy, public health, health administration, Psycology, Languages, health tourism, edutourism, and Social Sciences at the levels of Undergraduate, master’s, Doctoral, and postdoctoral researchers are welcome to join our group.

Masters, Mphil and Honours

Domestic students –The students should have strong academic track record (including research and write-up) with first class honours. The student’s research and academic background might be in one or more of biomolecular sciences, chemistry, nanotechnology, microfluidics, and related life science disciplines.


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Email: info@bioinquirer.org

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