BioInquirer’ 22

Research Forum

"Translational Science, Opportunities for Humanity"

IIHS Annual Academic Sessions 2022


The 22nd BioInquirer is a research forum held by the International Institute of Health Sciences (IIHS) on the 23rd of November 2022. This forum will be embracing the theme “Translational Science; Opportunities for Humanity.” which translate scientific insights into actual, practical therapeutic interventions that save peoples’ lives and improve their health. The 22nd BioInquirer intends of bring in a research ambiance among individuals interested in research while providing an opportunity for the delegates to exchange their ideas and encourage them to contribute to discussions on the board range of issues faces by the human race today. This forum will give an opportunity to everyone’s innovative ideas and will not just be a collection of random research presentations, but instead, it will convey an overview of research, highlighting contemporary debates and perspectives on many important topics. The 22nd BioInquirer will aim at bringing out Translational research embracing this year’s theme of ‘Translational Science; Opportunities for humanity’.

Translate to Community

Scientific discoveries allow us to uncover new technologies, solve practical problems, and make informed decisions intertwined with individuals and groups as its products are beneficial for economic growth and decent work and to make sustainable communities.

Translate To Patients

Identifying means to enhance prevention and treatment procedures by utilizing fundamental research findings for preventive care to develop health industry and infrastructure to improve the quality of overall patient health conditions avoiding illness initiation.

Basic Science Research

Scientific research may be converted into practice more quickly and efficiently by enhancing evidence-based practice, forming interdisciplinary partnerships, connecting research to cases, and communicating research for quality education.

Translate To Practice

Generating more applicable and functional outcomes that directly reinforce human health as healthcare professionals while increasingly looking to healthcare studies for the evidence-based guidance they require to raise the efficacy of treatment options and the wellbeing of the community.

Abstract Submission

Translate To Humans

Transforming laboratory, clinical, and community observations into treatments that enhance individual and public health, ranging from diagnostics as well as medications to medical practices and behavioral adjustments.