Innovation Conference 2019

“Accelerating Innovation; Creating a Sustainable Innovative Culture”

About Conference

Bioinquirer’15 is a global platform which enables healthcare professionals to enhance knowledge, skills and competency through opportunities in research, interactive workshops, innovative conferences and community engagement.

It is an exhibition and a platform of research publications for college students with an open opportunity to international universities, that follow the theme to Create and Innovate.


IIHS - Hear Our Story

The organiser

Since the healthcare industry evolves rapidly, it is becoming a mandatory requirement to find new approaches to face new challenges.  Hence, International Institute of Health Sciences (IIHS) initiated the BioInquirer platform to support the knowledge-hungry healthcare professionals.

The platform was established by the Academic Department of IIHS, under the guidance and supervision of Dr. Kithsiri Edirisinghe, Director Academics. One of the key activities under the BioInquirer platform is providing ethical clearance required during the research process.

International Institute of Health Sciences (IIHS) is a healthcare training institute, affiliated with universities in Australia, UK, USA, Finland and Malaysia. IIHS has been contributing locally and internationally to the healthcare industry, for the past 15 years by building healthcare professionals to address the growing healthcare needs.


Event Schedule

Title Speaker
·         Introduction to the theme and the workshop Dr. Kithsiri Edirisinghe
·         Creating the innovation mindset and an innovation culture Ms Nea Lehtimäki and Ms. Aija Ahokas

University of Metropolia

·         Innovative culture in Sri Lanka Dr. Nihal De Silva
·         Global trends in innovation Dr. Adrian Meedeniya
·         Innovation in Continuing Professional Development Ms. Nadeeka Jayasinghe


CEO/Director Academic, Consultant Medical Administrator, International Institute of Health Sciences, Sri Lanka

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Presentation – Innovation and Sustainability

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Sample Text

Dean IIHS, Former Associate Professor, Stanford University, School of Medicine, USA, Former Clinical Professor, University of Hawaii, School of Medicine, USA

Director Nursing

International Institute of Health Sciences, Sri Lanka